Grades of Wood – what do they mean?

Wood is graded based on factors such as knots, character marks and color variations. For example: select grade – very few  knots or character marks, #1 grade – a few knots and character marks, #2 – more knots and character marks. In flooring, a select grade is usually more formal looking, while a #3 grade would be more rustic. Usually the higher the grade, the more expensive the product. Since Northside Planing Mill custom manufactures each order, we are able to provide any grade you would like.

What is “random width” and why is it less expensive?

Random width paneling and flooring allows us to better utilize the wood and save you money. Random width flooring and paneling means that you get a mix of usually 3 different widths of material. For example, you might get 3″, 4″, and 5″paneling. We can also do flooring or paneling of a uniform width. We can process any wide plank flooring or paneling. We can also match existing flooring. All flooring and paneling is 3/4″ thick, unless you specify otherwise.

What is end-matching?

End-matching is a manufacturing process sometimes used for paneling and flooring. Each end of every board is finished with either a tongue or groove profile. For paneling, it can save the installer time, since most boards will need to be end-matched on site if they are not end-matched when they are manufactured. For flooring, it is usually a matter of preference. Some installers prefer end-matched flooring because it is another way to keep the floor fitting tightly once it is installed.

Can I install it myself?

Yes, many of our customers do install their own flooring or paneling. It requires certain tools, an ability to measure correctly, and a good eye for detail. Our flooring has a very good fit and finish, and requires very little sanding after installation (before finishing). We can help you decide whether you are capable of installing your own flooring or paneling or help you find a contractor or installer.

Is pre-finished product available?

Northside Planing Mill does offer a line of pre-finished flooring. We do not have the space or employees to offer pre-finished millwork or paneling, but we can refer you to good finishers in our area.

How do I get millwork to my home?

Millwork, paneling, and flooring is available for pick up at our plant Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 4:30 or by appointment. If you do not have a truck or trailer available to you, we will try to assist you in finding economical deliver options.

How do I know how much to order?

Flooring and paneling are sold by the square foot. You will need to take the length of the area to be covered and multiply it by the width. You also need to add about 10% for waste factor. Millwork such as base and casing are sold by the lineal foot. You can bring in your blue prints and we will help you figure out what you will need, or you can figure it out by yourself, or with your contractor. When we go through your blue prints, we will customize your order so that you get the best assortment of piece lengths for your job. For example, if you have a lot of windows that are 3′ x6′, we will try to include some of your casing in 6′ lengths, so that you don’t have to take an 8′ piece and have 2′ of waste or 2′ that you need to piece in and use somewhere else.

How do I order my millwork?

Profiles and ideas can be selected from our website, and we invite you to come into the shop and look at samples. You can take home samples to look at, and when you decide what you like, we can write you an estimate. We ask for 50% down and we need an average of 2weeks lead time. Orders must be picked up within 2 weeks of being finished. We accept cash, personal checks or payment from your lending institution. We do not accept Mastercard or Visa at this time.

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